Review: Left Horizons

Left Horizons

“a really useful guide for new and budding trade union activists. It addresses the gap left by the official trade unions and their education departments.”

What is the potential for rank-and-file organisation today?

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The strike wave means more workers actively engaging with their unions. Many are frustrated by their leaders calling insufficient action to win, recommending rotten deals, or undermining democratic decisions. This is sparking a renewed interest in rank-and-file organisation, but there is confusion about what this means and what is possible. Ian Allinson explores the issues.

Review: Red Pepper

“If you’re looking to organise your workplace, Ian Allinson’s book is a vital and useful guide”

Review: Counterfire


“Workers Can Win is an introduction to trade-union organising which will be very useful for new activists”

Update: post-Brexit European Works Councils

The UK’s EWC legislation still applies to all companies with their corporate headquarters on UK soil that were in negotiations to establish an EWC or already had an EWC in place on 31 December 2020.

Review: Labour Briefing


Workers Can Win augments the resources produced by the Labour Research Department and trade unions and would be of great use to both seasoned workplace reps and people trying to organise for the first time.