Review: Left Horizons

Left Horizons

“a really useful guide for new and budding trade union activists. It addresses the gap left by the official trade unions and their education departments.”

Review: Red Pepper

“If you’re looking to organise your workplace, Ian Allinson’s book is a vital and useful guide”

Review: Counterfire


“Workers Can Win is an introduction to trade-union organising which will be very useful for new activists”

Review: Labour Briefing


Workers Can Win augments the resources produced by the Labour Research Department and trade unions and would be of great use to both seasoned workplace reps and people trying to organise for the first time.

Review: David Renton on lives; running

David Renton. Lives; Running.

“Ian Allinson’s new book is a service to the entire movement. It explains, in easy, accessible, language, how to start out as a trade unionist, especially in a workplace where few colleagues are members and how to win an audience.”

Review: Adam H

Fist breaking through barren ground, with flowers growing round it and birds circling

‘an important, useful and timely book. I highly recommend it to anyone on the left, in unions and working on campaigns outside unions. It combines political education, a training manual, strategic thinking and engaging case studies.’

Review: Vik Chechi-Ribeiro

Ian Allinson, Vik Chechi-Ribeiro and Kate Bradley at the Manchester book launch

‘The book is an excellent combination of organising methods and socialist politics. Furthermore, it’s aimed at a wide layer of workers from those taking their first steps to building power to experienced organisers sharing their skills with others.’

Review from ISO Aotearoa

iso aotearoa

‘Overall, my feeling as I read through Workers Can Win was of wishing this book had been available at the very start of my own involvement in union organising in my own workplace. The book is peppered with critically important strategic advice’

Review from Anti*Capitalist Resistance


‘Ian Allinson has written an indispensable handbook to help us organise more effectively in the workplace – both to win gains and to build support for a radical political perspective.’

‘Allinson does not assume anything; he starts from the basics and walks activists through the details of organising effectively.’