Willie Howard, organiser at Unite the Union

“I’ve recently finished this excellent book about workplace organising by Ian Allinson and I have to say it’s a must read. Those of us concerned with building workers’ power and challenging capital in this part of the world have long been looking for reading material on this subject, often relying on stuff coming out of America. To my knowledge this is the first practical, how-to-guide that addresses British conditions to emerge.”

“Throughout the book Ian breaks down and contextualises the dynamics behind workplace organising; while it’s a practical nuts and bolts guide – it’s also an easily-read and understood study of how our labour is ordered and exploited within the economic system in which we operate.”

“Unions have seen a massive upswing in popularity and young people of a left wing disposition are often sagely told to ‘Join a Union’ but there’s very little idea beyond that as to how to make that work or how to translate it into actual collective activity. That’s where this book comes in.”

“There are plenty of people who will have political and/or industrial disagreements with Ian and that’s fair enough; but a better book about workplace organising in Britain you will simply not find.”

“An absolute must read for anyone concerned with trade unionism, especially those in the process of trying to organise their colleagues.”